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Q1: What does "public domain" mean?
A1: If something is in the public domain then it doesn't have copyright protection and you can use it in any way you like.
Q2: Are the images on this website in the public domain?
A2: No, except for the images in the "Public Domain" section.
Q3: Are your images copyright protected?
A3: Yes, except for the images in the "Public Domain" section.
Q4: Do I have to link back to your website?
A4: No, you don't have to link back unless you want to. If you want to link to our site,click here!
Q5: Can I offer your images on my own clipart website?
A5: No, you cannot do that, except for the images in the "Public Domain" section.
Q6: Can I donate money to your website?
A6:Yes. Please send me a PayPal donation by clicking this button:

Q7: Do I have to pay to use your clipart?
A7: No.
Q8: How do I download an image?
A8: Right-click on the image, and select "Save image as" or "Save picture as."
Q9: Can I use your images for commercial purposes?
A9: Yes.
Q10: How do I resize an image?
A10: Go
Q11: How do I optimize or reduce the file size of an image?
A11: Go
Q12: How can I contact you?
A12: Please fill out myContact Form
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